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The Professional Property Management System
Lets Process is a unique management program for landlords, letting agents and local authorities in the UK. For more information please see Lets Process Explained.

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Raise Standards Save Lives

Raise Standards, Save Lives

Raising standards within the private rented sector is about saving lives. Legislation that covers Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Safety, HMO regulation etc is there to protect tenants. The legislation is there to save lives. But that legislation is useless unless it is enforced and unless all landlords are treated equally.

Legislation is also useless if local authorities cannot check whether an individual landlord or property complies with the legislation. Local authorities have the power to check landlords and property but the stark reality is that they have neither the time or the resources to properly check thousands of landlords and properties.

Over 200 separate pieces of legislation affect landlords in the UK. Whilst most landlords comply with the law and treat their tenants fairly there is a significant number who do neither.

Lets Process allows good landlords who are operating within the law to share information with their local authority. This enables local authorities to quickly check whether a landlord is complying with 14 key requirements or not. The key 14 points are:

  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • EPC
  • Right To Reside
  • How To Rent Leaflet
  • Deposit
  • Fire Alarm
  • Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Property Insurance
  • HMO Licence
  • Selective Licence
  • Inspection Checks
  • Inventory


Using Lets Process local authorities can check thousands of properties in seconds, so they don’t need to waste time chasing good landlords for information, they can concentrate all their resources on rogue landlords.

Good landlords and local authorities who are using Lets Process can demonstrate to tenants, the public and to the media that they are discharging their responsibilities to house people safely – at last a Private Rented Sector good news story.

Using Lets Process will help raise standards and at the same time save lives.

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