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Lets Process is a unique management program for landlords, letting agents and local authorities in the UK. For more information please see Lets Process Explained.

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Lets Process is the Professional Property Management System for Landlords and Local Authorities in the UK.
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The UK Private Rented Sector has grown rapidly over the last 20 or more years, fueled by changes to tenancy laws, buy-to-let mortgages and changing housing needs. But the Private Rented Sector faces a raft of challenges from increasing legislation, unique tax burdens and low media esteem. Good landlords are bracketed with the small rogue element that afflicts every industry.

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have adopted national solutions to the issues surrounding the Private Rented Sector. The UK Government has effectively devolved powers to English local authorities. In all cases it is local authorities who are expected to both police and work with private sector landlords.

At the same time landlords feel that there are excessive regulatory burdens being placed on them. Furthermore, they feel that it is the ‘good’ landlords that are being targeted by this increasing legislation whilst ‘bad or ‘rogue’ landlords escape without cost or penalty. This leads to friction between local authorities and landlords.

The Private Rented Sector needs a platform where good landlords can demonstrate to local authorities that they are professional, open and honest. At the same time local authorities need to be able to check statutory documents quickly and easily without tying their staff or landlords up in unnecessary red-tape. If this can be done it frees the local authorities to be able to target bad landlords.

At the same time this platform can provide landlords with everything they need to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

The answer is Lets Process.

How Lets Process works for Local Authorities

For the first time in the UK local authorities can now actively monitor compliance on every individual landlord and property in their area in real time. And you can do this without the need to devote huge resources or even leave your office.

The future of local authority relationships with landlords has arrived.

Lets Process is a cloud based Professional Property Management System that enables landlords to manage their properties wherever they are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no software to download as everything is held on our secure servers which are constantly backed up. Lets Process use security standards that are more robust than those used by high street banks, ensuring that data is protected at all times.

Once data is uploaded by a landlord the local authority can access and check the data provided across 14 key fields:

  1. Gas Safety Certificate
  2. EPC
  3. Right To Reside
  4. How To Rent Leaflet
  5. Deposit
  6. Fire Alarm
  7. Electrical Safety Certificate
  8. Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  9. Tenancy Agreement
  10. Property Insurance
  11. HMO Licence
  12. Selective Licence
  13. Inspection Checks
  14. Inventory

Lets Process enables a local authority to quickly check each property and landlord against these 14 points using a visual system of a green tick for full compliance, a yellow question mark for possible infringement and a red cross where statutory information is missing.

The benefit to a local authority is that thousands of properties and landlords can be instantly checked and documents can be scrutinised all from any internet connected computer, tablet or phone.

For the first time local authorities can check whether or not landlords are complying with legislation without the need to visit each landlord, making huge cost savings for the authority, whilst at the same time giving a level of detail previously unavailable without devoting unaffordable resources and time.

Lets Process gives every local authority an unprecedented level of knowledge, understanding and control over the Private Rented Sector in their area, benefitting all good landlords and tenants and helping to identify bad or rogue landlords.

By using Lets Process an authority can demonstrate to all interested parties that they have an unprecedented level of control and understanding of the Private Rented Sector in their area at minimal cost.


Lets Process is a free service for Landlords and Local Authorities. We generate our revenue from the sales of nationally negotiated products and services to Landlords. There is no obligation on any user of Lets Process to have to purchase any product or service, at any time, in order to benefit from Lets Process.

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