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Labour would force UK landlords to offer indefinite tenancies

Labour would force UK landlords to offer indefinite tenancies

A Labour government would oblige private landlords to offer tenancies of indefinite length, based on the German system, in an attempt to give renters more security.

The plan, announced by the shadow housing secretary, John Healey, would seek to protect tenants from arbitrary eviction without having to give a reason. In contrast in Germany, landlords are only allowed to evict tenants for reasons such
as failure to pay rent or committing an offence in the property.

Tenants would still be able to leave the property if they gave a period of notice.

The proposal is a change from Labour’s pledge at the 2017 election, when it committed to making private tenancies three years by default.

Labour says the indefinite system brings more security for renters, with private tenancies in Germany lasting an average of 11 years, compared with about four in England. This would, the party says, particularly help the 1.6m households with dependant children in private rented accommodation.

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