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Having a tenant from hell – it can make or break you as a landlord

Having a tenant from hell – it can make or break you as a landlord

Last month, during filming for the next series of ‘Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords’ (due to air on Channel 5 later this year), we carried out an eviction in Cardiff.

Although Landlord Action features in a programme with the term ‘rogue landlord’ in the title, I’m a little tired of the phrase being bandied about so freely in the press that the adjective ‘rogue’ seems to permanently precede the word ‘landlord’.

There are some ‘bad apples’ out there, as there are in any industry, but the phrase ‘rogue landlord’ is now used so heavily that it is starting to tar every landlord with the same brush, when in fact statistically there are far fewer rogue landlords than rogue tenants!

This account by one of my landlords that illustrates this point very well – Stuart Haines, from Cardiff, recently instructed Landlord Action to gain possession of his property. 

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