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The Professional Property Management System
Lets Process is a unique management program for landlords, letting agents and local authorities in the UK. For more information please see Lets Process Explained.

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Monday - Friday 09:00-17:00
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Completely Free For Landlords and Local Authorities

Free for all UK landlords

Lets Process is a genuinely free service. We do not ask you to supply credit card or bank account details at any time. You will get the full Lets Process package, there are no add-ons to buy, so when we say free, we really do mean free.

So, the obvious questions are why are we doing this and how do we earn the money we need to keep Lets Process going?

We generate our income by offering landlords a range of products and services we have nationally negotiated for their price and service. We’re confident that we can save you money and offer you an exceptional service at the same time. If you choose to buy any of these products and services through us Lets Process will be paid a fee or commission and that’s how we earn our income.

But let’s be clear – there is no obligation for any user of Lets Process to have to buy anything, ever. And whether you buy something through us or not you will get exactly the same service from us.

For more information about products and services through Lets Process please click here.

Lets Process has been developed by industry professionals and IT developers who passionately believe in the lettings industry in the UK. We know that the vast majority of landlords are good landlords and it is the small rogue element who gives the whole lettings industry a bad name.

Good landlords have nothing to hide. Good landlords are happy to work with local authorities providing it’s a level playing field for all landlords. But it’s not a level playing field. Local authorities are so stretched that rogue landlords are getting away with things good landlords get penalised for.

Lets Process will help redress that balance, giving local authorities more time to concentrate on rogue landlords, whilst at the same time being able to show everyone that the majority of landlords are fully complying with legislation.

Getting Started

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