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The Professional Property Management System
Lets Process is a unique management program for landlords, letting agents and local authorities in the UK. For more information please see Lets Process Explained.

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The UK Private Rented Sector has grown rapidly over the last 20 or more years, fueled by changes to tenancy laws, buy-to-let mortgages and changing housing needs. But the Private Rented Sector faces a raft of challenges from increasing legislation, unique tax burdens and low media esteem. Good landlords and letting agents are bracketed with the small rogue element that afflicts every industry.

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have adopted national solutions to the issues surrounding the Private Rented Sector. The UK Government has effectively devolved powers to English local authorities. In all cases it is local authorities who are expected to both police and work with private sector landlords.

At the same time landlords and agents feel that there are excessive regulatory burdens being placed on them. Furthermore, they feel that it is the ‘good’ landlords and agents that are being targeted by this increasing legislation whilst ‘bad or ‘rogue’ landlords escape without cost or penalty. This leads to friction between local authorities and landlords/agents.

The Private Rented Sector needs a platform where good landlords and agents can demonstrate to local authorities that they are professional, open and honest. At the same time local authorities need to be able to check statutory documents quickly and easily without tying their staff or landlords and agents up in unnecessary red-tape. If this can be done it frees the local authorities to be able to target bad landlords and agents.

At the same time this platform can provide landlords and agents with everything they need to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

The answer is Lets Process.

Lets Process provides landlords and agents with a single place to store and retrieve everything they need to run their business. They can access this information 24/7 wherever they have internet connection on a computer, tablet or smart phone. At the same time local authorities can conduct checks on mandatory requirements such as tenancy agreements, deposits, gas safety certificates, EPCs and Right to Reside on every property within their area.

Lets Process is a revolution in how landlords and agents run their businesses whilst at the same time providing local authorities with unprecedented ability to monitor the Private Rented Sector within their area. Lets Process is a win/win for everyone except bad landlords and agents.

Who are Lets Process?

Lets Process has been designed by experienced landlords, letting agents, industry professionals and IT specialists in conjunction with local authorities throughout the UK.

The technology behind Lets Process exceeds the security levels provided by high street banks allowing landlords, letting agents and local authorities to have complete confidence in the system. Data stored on Lets Process is secure and can only be accessed by you and by your local authority under permission that you grant.

Lets Process is completely flexible and can be used by landlords and agents who have one property or thousands of properties. We will continue to develop and add additional features and benefits to Lets Process to ensure that Lets Process remains the indispensable Professional Property Management System for the UK Private Rented Sector.